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Catholic Christians appeal to Mother Mary to take Cameroon's problems to Jesus for a solution

Faithfuls of the Roman Catholic Church in Kumba, Meme Division, Southwest Region, have appealed to the Blessed Holy Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, to carry to her son the multi-faceted problems currently facing the Country for a lasting and durable solution.

These Catholic Christians, drawn from the parishes of Ntam, Kumba 1, 2, and 3 and other Catholic Parishes in the Meme, under the Kumba Diocese, made this solemn appeal on the occasion of the Assumption Day that took place all over the world on Monday 15th August 2022.

Catholic Faithfuls believe that the Blessed Mary the mother of Jesus went to heaven body and soul on this day.

The Catholic Christians observed that problems affecting Cameroon, among them, corruption, bad governance, and bribery could only be solved by Christ, the reason they appealed to Mary to intercede and take the problems affecting Cameroon to her son for a solution.

Assumption is celebrated every August 15 by over one billion Christians all over the world.

The day has always been observed as a public holiday in Cameroon.

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