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Cameroonian websites were supposedly attacked by an Algerian hacker

Two Cameroonian websites were supposedly hacked by an Algerian hacker.

Algerian fans are still not discolored after the defeat against Cameroon and for the majority of Algerian fans, all means are good to show the world what they call injustice after the defeat against Cameroon.

Even the FAF has not remained idle in the face of what it calls "scandalous" refereeing that "distorted the result" of the match Algeria-Cameroon.

A hacker (supposedly Algerian) managed to hack the two Cameroonian websites by publishing on their homepage a message intended for the referee of the Algeria-Cameroon match.

Indeed, several Cameroonian media reported on April 9, that two websites namely ekiosque. cm, an online site for Cameroonian newspapers, and, a platform of the mobile operator Orange, was the target of hacking by an Algerian hacker.

Many calls are also launched on social networks by Algerian fans in order to "put pressure" on FIFA and demand an "in-depth review" of the Algerian appeal.

It is not the first time that Algeria misses a qualification to a soccer World Cup, but it must be recognized that the elimination of this edition in Qatar has raised indescribable anger among lovers of the Algerian selection.

This is the case of this alleged Algerian hacker, who found no better way to "avenge" the defeat of his selection against the Indomitable Lions than to attack Cameroonian websites.

"The next one will be bigger," wrote the Algerian hacker in his message in English preceded by his signature "El Harrachi B.A.Z. Team" and the Algerian flag, accompanied by the famous refrain of Algerian supporters "1, 2, 3, Viva Algeria".

According to the Cameroonian media, the hacking of the two websites by the Algerian hacker lasted a few hours before things returned to normal. The technicians of ekiosque. cm and managed to remove the message of the Algerian hacker a few hours after their publication on their homepage.

The defeat conceded against the Indomitable Lions (1-2) synonymous with an elimination of the Greens at the World Cup 2022, is still in the throat of the majority of Algerians.

For Algerian fans, it is the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama, by his "contentious" decisions, which would have influenced the outcome of the match Algeria-Cameroon.

Nearly two weeks after the famous match against Cameroon at the Blida stadium, Algerian fans are still angry.

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