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Cameroonian Vlogger, Steve Fah attacked in Belgium

The public opinion in Cameroon has not gone down four paths to condemn with vehemence the brutal assault on the famous Cameroonian vlogger Steve Fah on March 23rd, while he was exchanging with African students living in Belgium.

In a video on Afrique Media showing the attack, some masked men who identified themselves as being of the "Anti-Sardinard Brigade" and "foot soldiers of General Niat Barano" accuse Steve Fah of being an envoy and supporter of Paul Biya, Cameroon's President.

Born Steve Fah Fotsing, the Cameroonian vlogger rose to prominence by doing satirical shows on YouTube on the daily life happenings in Cameroon. His show named, "3min du Peuple" mostly concerns other social media influencers and public figures and depicts social life in Cameroon.

Although Steve Fah is said to have insights into Cameroon's political sphere, there is no tangible proof that he is a member of the ruling party nor has he ever disclosed his political views.

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