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Cameroon, Western Region: Legs of two children shattered by grenade allegedly planted by separatists

The legs of two school children in Njitapon in the country's Western Region have been shattered following the explosion of a grenade allegedly planted by Ambazonian separatist fighter, General no pity and his boys.

BiVoundi 24 News recalls that on 8th June 2022, General no pity and some of his boys in Bambalang, Ngoketungia in the Northwest Region attacked the Njitapon gendarme brigade in the Western Region, allegedly killing nine gendarmes.

The two children, whose legs were shattered, we gathered, we playing around the brigade when they picked up the grenade that shattered their legs.

Fortunately, none of the children was killed. They are now responding to treatment in a nearby medical institution.

While the initial reports said the separatists killed nine gendarmes, the Governor of the region, Awa Fonka Augustine, said five gendarmes were killed including a sub-lieutenant, adding that the incident was facilitated because most of the gendarmes were in Yaounde for training.

But we gathered that the gendarmes that were later called up for backup only came when "no pity" and his boys had disappeared into thin air

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