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Paul Biya authorizes Military Agreement with Russia

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Faithful to maintaining Cameroon's stance within the international community as a "Neutral and Non-aligned State", The Head of State of Cameroon and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President Paul Biya has respected his engagements and promise to Cameroonians to maintain Cameroon's territorial integrity and peace by instructing the Minister Delegate in Charge of Defense to sign and renew a series of military agreements with The Russian Federation.

The agreement was signed on the 12th of April 2022 in Moscow by Cameroon's Minister Joseph Beti Assomo.

This is not the first time that the State of Cameroon signs a military agreement with Russia. In 2015 Moscow and Yaoundé signed a military agreement of the same nature. This agreement should be renewed in 2020, but the health crisis of the coronavirus had pushed the deadline to 2022.

Article 2 of the agreement states that cooperation will take place in the following areas: "exchange of opinions and information on defense policy and international security; development of relations in the field of joint training and training of troops (forces), engineering, military education, and military medicine.

Despite calls from America and Europe to isolate Russia, President Biya has proven his unmatched degree of statesmanship and due diligence by making the security of his country Cameroon his priority.

President Paul Biya hasn't panicked from the pseudo and disguised threats coming from the West towards African nations and has once more shown his capacity to independently manage his country and trace the path of its future.

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