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Cameroon - Ngaoundéré: equipment used for the manufacturing of explosives seized by customs

On June 1, 2022, a shipment of 45 aluminum tubes was intercepted by Cameroon customs agents in the northern state of Cameroon.

The arrest was conducted at the Boudjoumkoura border crossing in Ngaoundéré, the Adamaoua region's capital. It is the task of Banyo's commercial brigade of customs. The cargo was hidden in a backpack whose owners tried to fool authorities by claiming it included "personal items for a wedding."

During their exhaustive search, the controllers discover that some 45 tubes of aluminum had found their way into the explosive devices' composition. They were apprehended and held at the Banyo Customs Brigade until the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

The national gendarmerie seized a considerable amount of smuggled beverages and cosmetics.

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