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Cameroon: Man Given Death Penalty by Firing for Rape on Minor

The Court of First Instance of Nkongsamba sentenced Joel Tankoua to death by gunshot on May 17, 2023, along with 92 million CFA francs in damages. He was found responsible for anal rapes of infants and children between the ages of 7 months and 6 in 2018.

He was found responsible for anal rapes of children aged between 7 months and 6 years that occurred in 2018.

On March 10, 2018, Moyopa Thana Kiriane Gloria and Mbiandal were slain after being sodomized by Joel Tankoua, their father's cousin, hours earlier. The family house in Nkongsamba is where the crime was committed.

Joel Tankoua looked after the two kids while their parents were away at a funeral. He took the pains to put the kids to sleep with an opiate drug, capitalizing on the parent's absence. Then he would physically torture both the baby and the young guy. The two kids passed dead a short time later due to the act's extreme severity.

Many people in the city of Nkongsamba are familiar with Joel Tankoua because of his bravery. He had relocated to Douala, where he now enjoys a quality of life that is significantly higher than that of his hometown, including suits, an agent, and jewelry. Some of his previous pals had come to the conclusion that he was a member of a cult, specifically in reference to his new company. It would have been worse if he had turned homosexual.

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