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Cameroon Listed Among the 4 Possible Locations For The FIFA 2030 World Cup In Africa

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Below we have listed the 4 countries ready to and capable of hosting the FIFA World Cup:


Nigeria was interested in sharing hosting duties for the 2010 World Cup, but nothing came of it. Nigeria, an oil-rich country with the financial means to host, might be a fantastic option in the 2030s. It is perfect for viewers in Africa and Europe because the time zone is the same as that of Europe. However, it can get quite hot during the summer, therefore it could be necessary to transfer the event to the winter.


Egypt already draws visitors from all over the world because of its distinctive culture, and a World Cup there would be an amazing show. Drinking and gambling are legal in one of the more liberal Islamic nations, so Westerners would feel more at home there than in Qatar. Additionally to the tourist sites, there are 5-star resorts, so accommodation is top-notch, and there’s so much to see.


Morocco is a country with interest in the 2030 bid; it enjoys football and has some notable locations. The most well-known is Casablanca, which rose to fame in the 1942 motion picture of the same name. The nation of North Africa, which has qualified for the World Cup in Qatar, boasts a wealth of talent, including midfielder Ziyech of Chelsea.

Either on their own or jointly with Algeria and Tunisia, the 2030 bid. However, England has declared that it will submit a bid for the same World Cup, so it may be a tough race.


Cameroon has a long history of playing football and has earned a spot in the World Cup in Qatar. Cameroon has indicated that it is interested in submitting a bid to host the largest football tournament of all after refurbishing its stadiums to host the AFCON in 2021. The country already possesses one 50,000-seat arena and a 60,000-seat stadium, so it has a quarter of what it needs to host. Furthermore, Cameroon has one of Africa's most successful World Cup squads, with a top result in the quarterfinals in 1990.

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