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Cameroon is soon to have a law on medically assisted reproduction

The related bill has just been submitted to the government by the executive branch.

Medically assisted reproduction is said to be the set of techniques that are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as palliating the impossibility for a person to have a child, that is to say, the set of treatments or procedures that include the in vitro manipulation of human oocytes and sperm or embryos to establish a pregnancy.

Composed of 65 articles divided into 10 chapters, this bill offers the opportunity to the applicants of the PMA to see their parental project succeed, by benefiting from adequate legal protection. However, this sensitive activity is practiced in some hospitals in the country without legal framework or control for several years.

In this context of a legal vacuum, the government is determined to frame the sector to prevent drift and anarchy. The practice of medically assisted reproduction (MAP) was not based on any legal instrument in Cameroon.

It provides hospital establishments performing MAP or wishing to perform it, the legal framework governing their activities, and also allows the public authorities to have an appropriate instrument of control and regulation of this sector.

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