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Cameroon Government vows to restore peace in Akwaya

Though it is now common knowledge that the Friday 24th June massacre in Akwaya, Manyu Division, Southwest Region was a result of an inter-tribal war between the Olitis and the Ballins, the Government of Cameroon, through the ministry of Defense has pinned the blame on the shoulders of those they call separatists.

According to a statement issued by the military spokesperson, Cyrille Serge Atongfack Nguemo, on Thursday 29th2022, "over 100 fully armed separatists entered Ballin and proceeded to attach the residence of the law .maker" adding that the separatists destroyed his brother's coffin and his residence.

BiVoundi 24 News recalls that the said MP, Aka Martin Tioga was the Meme pioneer Delegate of Public Contracts with headquarters in Kumba.

He also stated that 32 persons, including some Nigerian nationals, were wounded in the separatist's attack, and the wounded were evacuated to the regional hospital in Buea.

Navy Captain Atongfack also claimed that the separatists destroyed the Gendarmerie brigade in Ballin.

The Government's version of the massacre in Akwaya seriously contradicts the statement issued last weekend by the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, the RT REV Samuel Fonki Forba, who started the killings as a result of an inter-tribal war between the Olitis and the Ballins.

The RT Reverend Fonki is from Akwaya.

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