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Cameroon gets "SILVER" position for World's Average Penis Size - Scientific report states

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Standing at the maestro silver position worldwide, Cameroon once again makes news as the second top-ranking in terms of average penis size (6.56 inches) both when erect or just chilling. From this very comfortable position of super virility, Cameroon looks down to see who are the runners up in Africa.

With very little surprise, Sudan and Senegal stand at the 4th and 6th place respectively while Nigeria holds the not so honorable position of 44th on the world stage.

It is important to note that the original study relied on self-reported data to determine the average penis sizes, which leaves the possibility that respondents were more generous with their measurements.

Pharmacist Navin Khosla, who reviewed the study, said: “Whether people are concerned about the size or the shape, or any other aspect for that matter, most of us have wondered at some point or another whether ours is big enough.”

Credit: From Mars

Credit: From Mars

According to the study, men in Ecuador are the most well-endowed, with an average penis size of 6.93 inches when erect.

“Penis size can have a massive impact on confidence and self-image,” he added.

Source: Ladbible

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