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Cameroon: Equinox TV inciting violence?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

In his letter dated March 18, the governor of the Littoral region, Samuel Ivaha Diboua calls on the attention of the CEO of Equinox TV what he terms "apology of violence" as he reacts to a session of the popular political debate program, "Droit de Reponse."

The governor said the editorial line of the session was "outrageous" and was a case of "repeated incitement to revolt."

It should be noted that the program was aired on Monday, February 28, and in it, we can hear one of the panelists say what could be more or less interpreted as a call for parents and students to join the ongoing teacher's strike.

In a TV reaction broadcasted on March 21, Mr. Severin Tchonkeu defended the editorial line of his TV station stating its right to free and independent reporting and editorial. The CEO of Equinox TV was surprised why the governor should consider a freely aired and broadcasted political exchange of views a call for an uprising and revolt.

It is not the first time that Equinox TV has been accused of instigating violence and political uprising by a top-ranking official of Cameroon's government.

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