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Cameroon: Banana exports dropped by 4.2% YoY in Feb 2022

BusinessInCameroon | Cameroon's banana exports fell by 4.2 percent year-on-year according to figures published by the local banana association, Assobacam. During the period under review, the three major banana exporters exported 16,525 tons of the product against 17,258 tons in February 2021. This reveals a decrease of 733 tons.

This poor performance was caused by the state agribusiness Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) (CDC). The operator, which resumed banana exporting activities in June 2020 after months of suspension because of the separatist crisis in the SouthWest, exported just 1,144 tons of banana in February 2022, against 1,785 tons a year earlier. This means that year on year, the company's banana exports dropped by 641 tons.

The exports of the remaining two major exporters also dropped but to a lesser extent. Market leader Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP) exported 14,209 tons of banana in February 2022, against 14,233 tons in February 2021, which represents a drop by just 24 tons. As far as market minnow, Boh Plantations is concerned, its exports dropped by 68 tons year-on-year during the period, going from 1,240 tons in February 2021, to 1,172 tons in February 2022.

Assobacam explains that the drop in the year-on-year exports of each of the major exporters is due to the dry season, which has been harsher during the period in Cameroon.

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