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Cameroon - Anglophone Crisis: World's 3rd Most Neglected Crisis

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

According to the Norwegian Refugee Council, NRC, the armed conflict in Cameroon's Northwest and Southwest regions is the world's 3rd most neglected crisis.

The NRC is an independent international humanitarianism organization helping people affected by the crisis in one way or the other. The NRC together with other international organizations like Action Against Hunger and Doctors without Borders came to offer humanitarian services to people fleeing the crisis following the break out of hostilities between the regular army and the separatists in 2017.

The annual list of neglected crises is made based on: lack of funding, a lack of media attention, and diplomatic initiatives.

The NRC report last year ranked the Anglophone crisis among the world's top 10. The group report added that in 2021, three has been growing insecurity and abuse against civilians, forcing people to flee in search of safety, adding that attacks on teachers and schools, and health facilities continued leaving 700'000 children unable to go to school.

The report says that the situation in 2022 shows little sign of letting up as violence and insecurity persist, stating that the detention of some aid workers led to some organizations suspending their programs, leaving even more people out of the reach of aid. The report was presented by the NRC's Secretary-general, Jan Egeland.

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