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BUI: Despite the ultimatum, fon's vehicle is still in separatists keeping

The standoff between the separatists and the denizens of Nseh in the Bui, Division Northwest Region is far from over following the seizure of the found car by the separatists

The Fon had traveled to Kumbo on the 1st of July 2022and on his way back to Ngwakang, his vehicle was taken away by the separatists. His driver and one of the palace guards were abducted by the separatists.

The Fon had to cover that distance on foot to his place.

The seizure of the fon's car immediately ignited the ire of his subjects, who requested the separatists to return his car or face the wrath of the population.

A village delegation dispatched to meet the boys was informed the Fon vehicle had been given to the separatists' general.

As we write tension is brewing between the two, given the fon's car is still in the separatists' keeping,

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