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Buea: "Moja-Moja" to soon appear in court

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Chief Ewume John, alias (Moja moja) of Bwassa village, Fako Division Southwest Region, will soon be issued a summon to appear in court for interrogation for his xenophobic and torture videos.

Barrister Tamfu Richard, the lead lawyer in the case against Moja made this declaration recently to the press in his words "in the days ahead a summon will be issued to appear in court for interrogation and torture videos."

The barrister did not specify when Moja Moja is likely to appear in court, or whether the soldier chief will appear in a civilian or military court.

It is unlikely the traditional ruler will appear in court given he enjoys the backing of the regime.

One of his torture and xenophobic utterances last year coincided with the current prime minister's visit to Buea . People expected the PM to openly call Moja to order but he did not.

Barrister Tamfu and some human rights lawyers have several times in the past condemned Moja Moja's xenophobic utterances and torture against civilians to no avail.

The people, especially the civilian population all have their fingers crossed waiting what will happen this time around, especially as the Government continues telling its citizens Cameroon is a state of law.

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