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BOFAS and BUNS win rehabilitation work contracts from Matazem to Bamenda

The Cameroonian road construction companies Buns and Bofas have just won new contracts worth CFAF 35.8billion overall to rehabilitate sections of the Yaounde-Bamenda road.

BUNS, we have learned will focus on the route from Matazem to the Bamenda. The section is 18.5km long and work is expected to last for 18 months. The company is awarded 21.52 billion for this project.

The second company, BOFAS, will take FCFA 4. 32 billion to renovate the Bamenda uphill station Bypass road. This line is 4.9km long.

BUNS had already won a 13.8 billion contract for the Babadjou-Matazem road (17km) which is also a section of the Yaounde axis.

Rehabilitation work on the Yaounde-Bamenda road began in January 2021 but was stopped following alleged separatist attacks.

The road rehabilitation project received $192million from the World Bank, an initiative to put an end to accidents and reduce transport costs as well as transit time on the road.

Most Cameroonians, especially anglophones don't believe the Government is serious to rehabilitate this stretch of road.

We observe that the government has been making promises for over 30 years. When the Prime Minister left Bamenda in 2020 he promised the project will start immediately after he arrives in Yaounde.

BiVoundi 24 News also recalls that before the Kumba-Mamfe road was constructed following international pressure, the Government of Cameroon had laid eleven foundation stones.

The Spanish Ambassador to Cameroon, who represented the European Union at the inaugural ceremony of the Kumba Mamfe road, told reporters at Bombe Bakundu that the road fell short of international standards and the EU recommendations.

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