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Biya appoints Dr. Okole as Special Adviser at the PM's office

Updated: Jan 1

President Paul Biya of Cameroonappointment has appointed Dr. Blessed Ndopke Okole as Special Adviser at the Secretariat of the Prime minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

Dr. Okole was appointed in a presidential decree signed by president Paul Biya on Monday 25th October 2022.

Born in (Big) Bekondo, Mbonge subdivision, Dr. Okole was a one-time Divisional Manager of PAMOL plantations in Ndian Division from 1985-1986.

He was also managing director of the controversial American Company known as Sustainable Oils (SG SOC). Some of the Ndian sons and daughters, who opposed the vast sales of their lands to foreigners were later haunted by the Government of Cameroon, and today most of them are in exile.

Dr. Blessed Ndopke Okole was born on the 26th of September,1962.

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