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Bafaw Traditional Council confronts administration over the display of 'Field Marshall's corpse

The Bafaw Traditional Council would soon confront the Meme administration on display for public viewing and subsequent burial of separatists killed by the government in their land.

According to some members of the Bafaw Traditional Council, who spoke anonymously, this is not only an affront to the Bafaw people but a desecration of their land.

According to our sources, the display of the corpse of Oliver Lekeaka alias Field Marshall of Lebialem on July 14 and subsequent burial in Mambanda, Kumtba 3 subdivision is what has drawn the ire of the Bafaw people against the Meme and Kumba Administrations.

"Why are corpses of people killed during the Anglophone crisis, especially out of Meme Division only ferried to Kumba for burial; and not in Manyu, Fako, Ndian, and other Divisions of the country for burial?" They protested in their complaint.

We recall that apart from Field Marshall, the following are some of the corpses of separatists that have been displayed at the BICEC junction, Kumba 1 subdivision, for public viewing: general Mbah Ivo of Teke: general Ayeke of Lebialem, general spiritus of Bai Foe, general Mombasa of Kosala, general Above the law of mbalangi, and recently Field Marshall of Lebialem, among others.

We have been reliably informed that the Bafaw Traditional Council would fine the administration to pay for the cleansing of their land.

Though unconfirmed, we have equally learned the Bafaw Traditional Council is waiting for the Nfon who is out of the country to return before confronting the administration over the issue.

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