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At 55, Chinese man fails to gain admission into the university of his dreams for the 26th time

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A 55-year-old Chinese man from Sichuan province recently failed the entrance exam to one of China's top institutions for the 26th time. The cause? inadequate scores.

Liang Shi, a 55-year-old man, tried unsuccessfully for the 26th time to enroll in the university of his dreams due to poor grades.

And iron with that, sadly, his most recent performances did not repay. The 55-year-old received 428 out of a possible 750 points. The issue is that the most prominent Chinese colleges, like the one in Sichuan, need applicants to have at least 605 points in order to get admitted.

Liang Shi had abandoned science in favor of art this year to increase his prospects, another failure. I'm upset overall, but I'm especially disappointed since I failed every topic," he told the newspaper. I had at least 200 points in mind, but I only received 171 instead.

Liang Shi manages a building supplies company on a daily basis. He said, "Last year, despite interruptions from work or family issues, I spent roughly 10 hours a day studying. I occasionally had to put my business on hold while I studied for the test. Trying to balance duties and Covid is quite challenging."


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