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Artist urges musicians to go back to their roots

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Cameroonian musicians have been urged back to their roots and revive their dying tradition and culture other than copying and promoting the Western culture.

This appeal was made by Akafu Etienne, a Buea-based artist in a chat with BiVoundi 24 News in Kumba on Friday 5th August 2022.

He regretted that most Cameroonians, either compose their songs in English or French, adding that all his songs are in his Bangnwa language in order to reflect his origin and to revive his dying tradition and culture.

He appealed to Africans to go back to their roots in general and reflect on why God created them to have a particular color, looks, and other features and put them in a particular place.

He added that following the white man's tradition and culture is an affront and slap in the face of God.

According to him, most Africans spend four or five years in school studying the white man, while these same Africans are unable to say even good morning in their own native language.

Asked to comment on the election of an Anglophone to head the Cameroon music corporation, Akafu said the move is merely a camouflage intended to deceive the international community and to collect money from UNESCO, adding that when the money is gotten, Ateh Bazor will be dumped for a francophone.

Akafu Etienne's 5th song, translated as "God is our truth," will be on the market this October.

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