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Appointed Lions U20 Coach, 26-year-old Yvan Kenmoé becomes the youngest coach in Cameroon's history

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Yvan Kenmoé was appointed a few days ago by the President of the Cameroon Football Federation.

Who is Yvan Kenmoé?

He is a native of Cameroon's West regions who, at a young age, selected the bench over the playground. At the age of 12, he decided to start the "Festi Pegui" vacation competition. Two years later, he created Sims Academy.

He had hung out with older people just before this project was completed to learn the fundamentals of coaching. The man responds with a smile, "I used to give my donut money to my sports teacher who had his coaching credentials to get me started in coaching. He grows fond of it and puts academics on the back burner while pursuing his love.

He seized the chance when a refresher course to get his first soccer license was offered. He received admission to the program even though he was just 16 years old. Out of the 18 students who had signed up for the course, he placed ninth at the end.

Yvan Kenmoé completed a number of training programs in technical animation as well as physical preparation in Cameroon and abroad. allowing his squad to become the most fearsome in the West region for the regional championship.

In addition to participating honorably in the Cup of Cameroon on numerous occasions, he even won the title of champion on one occasion and represented the Region in the interpools tournament in 2018. Yvan Kemnoé, who is currently 26 years old, has both a Federal A and a Caf B license.

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