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Anglophone crisis: NW Fons disagree over FCFA 30m allocated for 'cleansing'

Members of the Northwest House of Chiefs have disagreed as to whether they should actually use the 30 million budgeted for them to perform a cleansing ritual that aims to flush out the 'separatists' from the region.

The disagreement among the traditional rulers re-surfaced during the last budgetary session of the house for the year that took place in Bamenda.

The fons were tasked during the ordinary session of the house in September to pour libations against armed separatists in the region, so as to 'cleanse the region of bloodshed.'

Immediately the idea of libations was mooted by the fons it was greeted with scorn and laughter. while some of the denizens of the Northwest said the fons were "hungry" and wanted money from the government, others queried why the fons deserted their palaces if they had the power to stop the armed conflict in the region...

Others say if the Fons dare pour the libations it would backfire on them and their families given the 'amba boys' took up arms to defend a genuine and legitimate course. Some even intimate the cause is backed by the ancestors.

While some traditional rulers argue the call for cleansing is ill-advised, especially given the tense security climate in most of the region, others see nothing wrong in the exercise.

"It was too quick to arrive at the decision to cleanse the land when bloodletting will continue the next minute. The people are not happy with us," said Fon Mbahnyamsig of Guzang and representative of the Momo Division.

It is not clear whether the issue of cleansing was voted on or merely expressed by the bureau members during a joint sitting.

The matter is yet to be adopted as the regional assembly referred the matter back to the house of Chiefs for a consensus to be reached.

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