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An academy for Africa's rising basketball stars

AllAfricaNews | The Basketball Africa League's BAL Elevate program involves 12 African prospects who attend NBA Academy Africa and compete in the Basketball Africa League. The academy is located in the Senegalese city of Saly.

He's only eighteen years old, but he's already 6'8". Babacar Sané is one of Africa's brightest basketball prospects. He was quickly moved to the professional level and is currently competing in the Basketball Africa League (BAL). As part of his BAL Elevate program, the NBA Academy trainee wears the Dakar University Club jersey.

"I believe I learned a lot as I grew older since being the youngest on the team and playing with professionals is not easy." But it taught me to mature quickly. In the game, they give me a lot of guidance. Playing in a league with professional players, like if you were in the NBA, is a dream come true. It inspires you to dream big and drive yourself to work even harder."

He isn't the only talented young basketball player playing in the BAL's second season. Twelve African prospects from the NBA Academy in Senegal have been assigned to different clubs. This action is primarily intended to raise the level of competition. At least, that's what Amadou Gallo Fall, the BAL's president, hopes for.

"It's an important component of their training, and it's also a method for us to impart talent since we're talking about prospects." For the time being, we have no idea how the experience will go or how they will react on the court. These are young men, all under the age of 18, who are incredibly talented, but will they put their talent on display on the court? That's something we don't know."

The prospects have demonstrated their talent based on their performances. Every time Babacar Sané, Saliou Mbaye, or Reuben Abuchi Chinyelu steps onto the court, they try to make a difference. Even the continent's top players are impressed. Marcus Crawford, an American forward with SLAC, is one of them:

"They're good, they've got a lot of enthusiasm, and they've got a lot of skill." The NBA Academy is a big part of what we're doing, and they're really helping us win games, so I think it's a terrific thing that they should keep doing. I believe they will have successful careers, not only on my squad but also on other ones."

Prospects should concentrate on the BAL before pursuing professional professions. The games of the Sahara Conference will conclude on March 15. The Nile Conference will begin on April 9th, with eight teams qualifying for the May playoffs. In any case, the NBA Academy has demonstrated that African basketball has a new generation poised to seize the reins.

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