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6 Members of Opposition Appointed Senators by President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya appoints 30 senators to complete to 100 the number of senators that will be seating in Cameroon's upper house of the parliament. Among the 30 senators appointed, 6 are not from the ruling party the CPDM. These 6 gentlemen and women are from opposition parties close to the ruling party. These are;

  1. Flambeau Ngayap (Undp)

  2. Marlyse Aboui (Andp)

  3. Me Paulin Djorwe(Mdr)

  4. Besongoh Akemfor (Upc)

  5. Vanigassen Mochiggle ( SDF)

  6. Tizi Troumba ( FSNC)

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