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50 Cent Roasts Cameroon Rapper for Getting Botched Tattoo of Him

Show Yoh, a Cameroonian aspiring rapper, is being mocked on social media for his hideous back tattoo of 50 Cent.

Show Yoh came to Instagram on Wednesday to show off his new tattoo: a massive image of the Fif that covers his entire back and looks nothing like the hip-hop entrepreneur.

"Celebrate your role models and show them sincere love so that you can celebrate with them in the future!" he wrote in the caption. "At 50 cents, I'm demonstrating true love to my father." In the music world, my mentor."

“WTF, you go do boy? I need the Best portrait Tattoo artist to fix this. @showyoh237 who did this shit man?” 50 wrote alongside a screenshot of Show Yoh’s original post.

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