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2022 Session of FSLC kicks off tomorrow

In less than 24hours, hundreds of primary school children in war-torn Northwest and Southwest regions would start writing the 2022edition of the First School Leaving Certificate Examination FSLC in all governments.

French-speaking pupils would also sit for the French equivalent and the exams would commence at 8 a.m prompt on Tuesday 14 June 2022.

The FSLC Examination is the end-of-year examination for children who had spent six years in primary school. The writing of FSLC comes on the heels of the Government Common Entrance Examination that took place on 22nd May 2022.

The common Entrance Examination prepares the pupil to enter Secondary or Technical college and any child who passes in list A automatically secures a place in any Government institution, where tuition is allegedly free.

The dynamics of the FSLC Examination have changed within the context of the Anglophone crisis in the Northeast and Southwest regions.

Since Schools no longer function properly in the villages and in the hinterlands examination centers in these areas have transferred to centers in town security is relatively assured.

During the last common entrance examination, for example, centers in Matoh under the Konye subdivision were transferred to some secured centers in the center of Kumba. As a result, ten pupils from Matoh, who couldn't leave ahead of time like some other pupils could not make it to Kumba on the day of the examination because of insecurity.

The same scenario would certainly repeat itself in the case of the FSLC Examination starting tomorrow 14th June.

According to the new Government directives, pupils wishing to enter government schools must pay a token interview fee. In Kumba, for example, the Delegate of Secondary Education had already announced the interview examination centers and other related modalities.

After the publication of the common Entrance Examination results, it was disclosed that 3561were unaccounted for in war town Northwest and Southwest regions, given headteachers and inspectors initially inflated the numbers to give the impression to the Government that all is well in the two regions despite the separatists' threats.

The same pattern would likely be repeated in the case of the First School Leaving Certificate Examination

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