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10 African countries with the highest petrol prices as of March 2022

BIA | Petrol prices are skyrocketing across Africa, from Nigeria to Uganda to Zimbabwe. This is a severe issue that has been aggravated by a variety of circumstances, including the commodity's rising scarcity.


The country in Southern Africa with the highest petrol prices in Africa is Zimbabwe. A litre of gasoline can cost up to $2.153. Zhemu Soda, the country's Energy and Power Development Minister, claimed earlier this month that regular petrol price spikes were caused by changes in the international oil business. Although there were conflicting rumours of crude oil discoveries in Northern Zimbabwe in 2018, Zimbabwe is not an oil producer.


This island nation has Africa's second-highest fuel prices. A litre of gasoline in this country is sold for $1.541, according to the information we have. Although some multinational oil corporations are prospecting for prospective oil resources of the country's many shores, the country does not currently produce any oil or gas.


The cost of a litre of gasoline in Malawi is $1.426. According to reports, the government has a good chance of discovering crude oil reserves in Lake Malawi.

South Africa

A litre of petrol costs $1.413 in South Africa. Total Energies stated in 2019 that it has discovered a significant amount of gas condensates in one of its exploration areas in South Africa. This, according to experts, has the potential to drastically enhance the country's prospects.


A litre of petrol in this East African country costs $1.389. Despite the fact that Uganda produces oil, the country's petrol prices are quite high. According to Business Insider Africa, the country's crude oil reserves were 2.5 billion barrels in 2021.


At $1.381 a litre, Mauritius has the sixth-highest petrol price in Africa. Mauritius does not currently produce oil, but experts believe it has the potential to do so in the future.


A litre of gasoline costs $1.340 in this East African country. This country currently has no native supplies of crude oil or natural gas, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.


A litre of gasoline costs $1.299 in this Francophone West African country. Between 2014 and 2017, the country identified some crude oil resources, although full-scale exploration has been postponed until 2023.


A litre of gasoline costs $1.231 in this country. There are no verified oil deposits in the country.


A litre of gasoline costs $1.230 in Rwanda. This East African country, once again, does not produce crude oil.

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