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About Us

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The word "BIVOUNDI" means "RAFFIA PALM" in the Ekang-Boulou (Beti) language of equatorial Cameroon.

BiVoundi24 is one of the many subsidiaries that make up the privately-owned Media Holding company called BiVoundi® or "Groupe BiVoundi".

BiVoundi24 is a Pan Africanist online news network with a goal to present Cameroon news in particular and news around Africa from an African perspective. BiVoundi24 investigates and objectively reports news while she strives to analyze issues taking into account the present context of Africa's geopolitical environment.

Being a subsidiary of Groupe BiVoundi, BiVound24 strictly adheres to the Pan Africanist cradle of African Unity, One Africa, Respect for our cultural and ancestral heritage".


In brief, BiVoundi24 is an outward expression of the "AFRICAN THINKING". 

BiVoundi24 is managed by CMR-InfoPage (A property of Groupe BiVoundi)


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